( HDMI / DVI / Display port / Mini Display port / VGA in ) to (HDMI /  Display Port / DVI / VGA out ) Converter  
HDMI IN DVI IN Display port IN MDP IN VGA IN (w/Audio) Output
HDM-Extender DTH-100 DSH-100
DTH-100 DVI-100 DSD-100 M2D-100 V2D-100 DVI
H2V-100 D2V-100 DSV-100 M2V-100 SVA-100 VGA
H2V-100A D2V-100 DSV-100A M2V-100A SVA-100 VGA+Audio
HDS-100 DDS-100 DSP-100 MDP-100
Display Port
AV Converter  - Features & Specification  
Features Specification
The  HDMI / DVI / Display Port / Mini Display Port / VGA Audio signal to HDMI / DVI / Display Port / VGA display terminals. Based on Cleared Edge technology, it supports up to 3.4Gbps data rate per channel, compliant with the HDMI 1.4 / DVI 1.0 specifications. The device incorporates a pair of ODTs, an adaptive equalizer and a CDR circuit on each data channel of receiver side, and a de-emphasis driver with optional back terminations on each data channel of transmitter side. The clock channel feeds a high-performance PLL that regenerates a low jitter output clock for data recovery. The Multiple Converter &  HDMI / DVI Splitter process HDCP decryption / encryption and transmits the data to 2 HDMI/DVI ports.  The HDCP repeater engine in Multiple Converter &  HDMI / DVI Splitter handles all the processing required by authentication, decryption and encryption in hardware. This greatly reduces the external MCU overhead and firmware complexity. However, for more flexibility, the Multiple Converter &  HDMI / DVI Splitter also provides an option of software-controlled mode in which HDCP operations are entirely controlled by external MCU. Pre-programmed HDCP key sets ease the use of HDCP function. However, users can also use external key sets through the ESCL / ESDA port. The Multiple Converter &  HDMI / VGA Splitter integrates EDID shadow RAM for better compatibility and reduced system complexity. Embedded EDID is accessible to the upstream port before the real EDID is loaded by the external MCU. Fabricated in an advanced CMOS process,is provided specified over the 0°C to +70°C temperature range. 
  • HDMI 1.4/DVI 1.0 specifications compliant / Display port & Mini Display port / Support 3D video formats and 4Kx2K extended resolution formats up to    3.4Gbps data rate
  • Adaptive equalization and de-emphasis to compensate long cable losses 
  • HDMI/DVI/Displayport / Mini display port  input port, up to HDMI/DVI out put ports
  • Unlimited cascading for more output ports or signal repeating
  • Multiple display/TV support
  • VGA Support 1920*1080P

Compliant with DisplayPort 1.1
Low Intra-pair and Inter-pair skews
Support full DisplayPort link training
Support DisplayPort all 4 levels of output
Support Dual Mode DP Source Repeater & HDMI/DVI Source Level Shifter
3.2 HDMI V1.4/DVI V1.0 Level Shifting
AC coupled TMDS level shifting operation up to 3 Gbit/s per lane (300 MHz character clock),
Support video format 4K x 2K
Low Intra-pair and Inter-pair skews
Disable feature to turn off TMDS inputs and outputs and to enter low-power state
3.3 DDC Level Shifting
Integrated DDC level shifting (3.3 V source side to 5 V sink side and vice versa)
Integrated DDC bufferfor HDMI cable adaptor or DVI cable adaptor application
to 3.3V on the source side
Integrated 500 kpull-down resistor on HPD sink input guarantees ‘input LOW’ when no display is
plugged in
3.6 General
/ ESD protection up to 3 kV
Power-saving modes by source-side disablement (using output enable) as well as sink-side detection
(using Hot Plug Detect)
Transparent operation: no re-timing or software configuration required